AES 256-bit Encryption protecting Python source code

SOURCEdefender is the easiest way to obfuscate Python code using AES-256 encryption. Used by clients worldwide, it is the most cost effective solution to help secure your Intellectual Property. There is no impact on the performance of your running application as the decryption process takes place during the import of your module. This means encrypted code won't run any slower once loaded from a .pye file compared to loading from a .py or .pyc file.


No end user device license required
Symmetric AES 256-bit encryption
Set your own password & salt for encryption
Set an expiration time on encrypted code
Encrypted code will load on ANY supported target system
Bundle encrypted files or folders into a single executable binary using PyInstaller

Supported Systems

We support the following Operating System & Architecture combinations and hook directly into the import process so there are no cross platform compatibility issues. Each system, identified by Activation will need a license to create encrypted code. The licence is fixed to the system that it is activated on for the duration of the current billing period.
Architecture Operating System Activation Python Versions
X86 Windows windows32 3.6 - 3.10
AMD64 Windows windows64 3.6 - 3.10
X86_64 Linux linux64 3.6 - 3.10
X86_64 macOS darwin64 3.6 - 3.10
ARM64 macOS arm64 3.9 - 3.10
ARMv6 (32-bit) Linux armv6l 3.6 - 3.10
ARMv8 Linux aarch64 3.6 - 3.10


TLDR : pip install sourcedefender

We are proud to be in the Top 3% of packages on PyPi when ordered by downloads. We have worked hard to ensure the installation of our package is as straight forward as possible. Anyone who is used to using pip will not find this difficult. Simply run the install command above and you'll be good to go. Installation is just like installing any other Python package.

For more information on the v10.0.4 release, you can take a look on PyPi .

Price Plans

Distribution of encrypted code will always be free!

You only need to license systems that create encrypted code.


A time limited trial to see what all the fuss is about!


A rolling weekly subscription suited to teams of developers!


Great for large teams or CI/CD Pipelines!

A customers server would not need a license to run any code you encrypt for them. An example of system that would need a license would be a developers computer, a virtual machine that is part of your CI/CD pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Active Billing

We appreciate that you may not need to encrypt code on a regular basis, so we have introduced Active Billing . At the end of your billing period we automatically pause your subscription and only activate it the next time you need to encrypt code.

Multiple Systems

You can use your activation token on as many systems as you need. For example, if you have 10 Developers who that need activating you could use your token 10 times. On the Standard Plan you will be charged for 10 subscriptions.

Docker compatibility

Activation is compatible with Docker Containers providing the Container ID never changes. We scrape the container ID and use that to lock the activation to the instance. If the container ID changes a new subscription would automatically be started and you would be billed accordingly.

Billing Period

Our default billing period starts when you activate your first system and lasts for the duration of your Plan. Your systems subscription will automatically cancel at the end of this billing period and reactivated on the next use.


An activation takes place when a user installs the sourcedefender package (via 'pip install sourcedefender') on a system and then runs the "sourcedefender activate --token" command with your unique token.

Activation Token

This activation token is unique to your account. If you wish to get a new token, click on the Refresh Token button. Any system that was previously activated will continue to work.

Automatic Renewal & Cancellation

We will never automatically renew your subscription at the end of the billing period. Should you attempt to encrypt files after your current subscription has ended then it will be reactivated and your payment method will be charged accordingly. Any encrypted code you have deployed will continue to run even after you end your subscription.


We are unable to offer refunds on our subscriptions. Our software is activated on your system automatically at the time of purchase and is set to expire and the end of your billing period. Once the license is activated on your system we have no way of disabling it early.